Following are the main features of the ORBiT 6 :

• 6 fully programmable zones on main board
• Expandable to 8 zones by 2 zone inputs on keypad
• Additional panic zone input on keypad
• 3 emergency zones on keypad: Panic, Fire, Special Emergency
• Up to 4 programmable outputs
• 2 arming levels
• 100 event log
• 10 user codes, each with a duress code
• Digital communicator on main board
• Portable Programmer for easy installation
• Windows-based upload/download, local or remote
• 4 Follow-Me phone numbers with optional voice messages
• Supports major pulse formats, Contact ID, SIA and Ademco Express 4/2
• 2 Central Station phone numbers
• Built-in siren driver – 750 mA
• Call-back feature for use with upload/download to increase security
• Up to 4 LED/LCD keypads can be connected





The ORBiT PRO Main Panel has 8 fully programmable zones on-board and is expandable to 96 wired or wireless zones.
Following are the main features of the ORBiT PRO:

• Up to 8 fully-split partitions
• Up to 16 keypads
• Up to 33 programmable outputs
• 99 four- or six-digit user codes with multiple authority levels
• Built-in digital communicator with multiple communications formats including pulsed, Contact ID and SIA level 1.
• Scheduling capability automates operations
• 128-event log on main board, expandable to 999 events
• Remote/local upload/download
• Follow-me generates calls to up to 8 remote phone numbers
• Wireless rolling code remote for arm/disarm, to operate garage doors, send panic signals and other utilities
• 3 emergency zones on keypad
• Choice of attractive LED and easy-to-use LCD keypads
• 3 central station phone numbers

• Walk test permits single-technician check of total system
• Bus test performs system wide communications check
• Scan-bus test compares bus device to definitions
• Accepts up to 8 power supplies
• Multiple options for zone and utility output programming
• Call-back feature for use with upload/download to increase security






Simple, Quick and Reliable - that is what it boils down to when selecting a wireless security system. And that is what WisDom is all about.

WisDom is the SIMPLEST and FASTEST wireless security system to install: once you experience the time and cost savings of Rokonet’s unique installation tools and simple programming logic, you will never want to install a different alarm system.

WisDom is also the most RELIABLE system on the market, providing years of trouble-free service and freeing you up to work on your future installations.

The WisDom Wireless Alarm Kit includes:

  • 1 x WisDom Panel (CP196)
  • 2 x PIR (BD156)
  • 1 x Magentic Door Contact (MC42)
  • 1 x 4-Button Keyfob (SW151)

These are easily integrated into existing installations, assuring installers of ongoing business opportunities.

Rokonet's innovative Auto-InstallTM Technology assures simple installation and is intrinsic to all systems and accessories. During setup the system senses, recognises and enables rapid configuration of the connected elements and accessories, making installation a breeze.

  • 33 zones (32 wireless + 1 wired)
  • 3 partitions / areas
  • 32 user codes
  • Two models: LCD Version & LCD with Integrated Voice Capabilities
  • Built-in 85dB internal siren, plus 500mA external siren driver
  • 4 programmable outputs: two 3A relays + two 70mA OC outputs
  • External bell-box tamper input
  • 8 Rolling Code Key Fobs
  • 250 event log
  • 433MHz radio frequency
  • Up to 2 additional wireless keypads
  • Up to 8 rolling-code 4 button keyfobs
  • 32 character LCD and backlit keypad
Installer Benefits User Benefits
  • Simple programming logic - fully menu driven

  • Wireless calibration and adjustable threshold level - enables higher false alarm immunity

  • Actual transmitter signal strength and RF noise displayed on LCD, eliminating the need for an external strength meter

  • All detectors supervised for presence, low battery, jamming and tamper

  • Supports all major central station reporting formats

  • Windows based remote and local Upload/Download

  • GSM/GPRS module for Central Station reporting, SMS messages, voice messages and Upload/Download operation

  • Full voice menu guide enables simple remote phone operation
  • Built-in two way voice communication to the premises
  • Local announcement and feedback of system status
  • Family message center
  • X-10 for device control via existing AC wiring
  • Dedicated buttons for simple emergency notification
  • Quick key operation of user functions
  • Full volume control of voice messages and system sounds
  • Rechargeable batteries, replaceable without opening the unit
CP195 WisDom Wireless Alarm Kit
  • 33 Zones (32 Wireless + 1 Wired)
  • 3 Partitions / Areas
  • 33 User Codes
  • 4 Utility Outputs Onboard
  • Zone Supervision
  • 250 Event Log
CP196 WisDom Wireless Keypad
  • Affordable 8 or 16 zone LED option
  • large backlit keys with audible feedback
  • 4 One touch buttons for easy group arm / disarm or macro operations
CP198 NOVA 50 Pendant Panic Wireless
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Range (Line of Sight): 160m
  • Low battery and transmission LED indication
  • Uses one of 16 million codes without dipswitches
  • Powered by standard 12V alkaline battery
BD156 Wireless PIR Detector
  • Active creep zone
  • Self test feature
  • Patented true temperature compensation
  • Adjustable pulse count
  • Up to 400m line of sight operation
  • Wireless 433MHz
BD156-1 Wireless PET Detector
  • Pet immunity up to 36Kg
  • Active creep zone
  • Patented true temperature compensation
  • Adjustable pulse count
  • Up to 400m line of sight operation
  • Wireless 433MHz
MC42 Wireless Magnetic Door Contact
  • Supervised, general purpose transmitter
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Enables wireless operation of any NO or NC contact detector
  • Selectable response time (10 msec, 500 msec)
  • Range (Line of Sight): 400m
  • Internal reed contact and external magnet
FR40 Smoke Detector Wireless 433 MHz
  • Ceiling mount photoelectric smoke detector
  • Frequency: 433MHz
  • Range (Line of Sight): 400m
  • No radiation emission
  • Status transmission every 65 minutes
  • Low battery transmission
SW151 Wireless 4 Channel Keyfob Transmitter
  • Operation frequency: 433Mhz
  • For use with ProSYS and WaveSYS systems
  • 4 functions activated on 3 channels: arm/disarm; panic & utility output
  • 200m range
  • 106dba
  • Long-life Strobe (Patent Pending)
  • Unique Anti-foam, Anti-drilling & Anti-approach
  • Protection
  • Addressable Detector Together With Prosys
  • Back-up Battery: 12v 1.9 - 2.1 Ah
  • Arm / Disarm / Alarm Led Indication
  • Wireless Option